Fees For Services

The cost associated with endodontic procedures will vary depending on factors such as; if a surgical approach versus a non-surgical is needed, the location of the tooth, as well as if it has had a prior root canal. In general, endodontic treatment is much less expensive than tooth removal and replacement with an artificial tooth. We always discuss our fees with patients prior to scheduling so you can make an informed decision as to where you would like to be treated. We encourage you to compare with other Endodontists as we are confident that our fees will be very competitive and likely significantly less.
Root Canals (Non-Surgical)
Anteriors (front teeth)-           $710   ADA Code D3310
Premolars (middle teeth)-      $870   ADA Code D3320
Molars (back teeth)-             $1050   ADA Code D3330
Retreatments of prior root canals are an additional $120 (call for codes if needed)
Surgical Root Canals (Apicoectomies)
Anteriors-      $1050
Premolars-    $1120
Molars-         $1250

For more information about Fees or to schedule an appointment with Dr. McKearney or Dr. Kenee, call our Harrisonburg Office at Harrisonburg Office Phone Number (540) 433-3636 or our Woodstock Office at Woodstock Office Phone Number (540) 459-7474 .